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New Revolution In Cycling

Jun 28, 2009
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There's a new company in Australia called Welch-e Technologies Australia check their website out http://www.welch-e.com.au.

I stumbled across these guys via golf, they can screen almost any sport.

With Cycling they can screen anywhere outdoors,indoors where ever.
What's amazing is they use to video cameras to capture data, you don't have to wear sensors or wires. They can screen you in 5 minutes.

Amazing technology they video record you Cycling and then upload into their lab and put the sensors manually on all your joint centers.
What's amazing is they can measure crank speed verse hips and knee speeds.
These guy have been doing this in the US for 14 years and now has been brought to Australia.

Also these guys provide training programs to improve your movement patterns etc, all the training they provide they have measured so you know it works

This is the future of Cycling in Australia.