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Newbiw with Small Budget and upgrade questions

Feb 13, 2010
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Hey all,

Have been browsing around the forums and thought id post up a couple questions i have. First off, ive always wanted to get into MTB'ing (the kind of go up a hill and come tear-ar*ing down like a hooligan again kind) but never had anyone to go with. Now my partners family are getting into it i can try to "have a go".

There lies the problem, im clueless on the bike side of things. I have a budget of about 150ish due to newborn on the way (12 weeks and counting!), which as i understand it from these forums is grounds for shiny new rubbish or off to ebay to get second hand (which im ok with). I was thinking of just getting a half decent hardtail and upgrading as the funds becoming available, but im not sure if every frame can be upgraded or if im looking for specific frames with specific fittings.

The people im going with have Saracen Mantra's, so eventually would like to get up to that spec over time. Any help, pointers, critiscisms welcome

Thanks all.