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No first posts with the world Lance in it

May 1, 2009
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I realise it's TdF time, so all the 3 week cyclists come out. And hey, thats just fantastic, but I'm struggling enough with Versus being the Lance-erotic channel and its killing me that every time I have a look at these forums there is a new post by someone with only 1 post to their name going "Hey y'all, how comes Lance doesn't wear jeans shorts like i do, hyuck".

As I said, I think its great that new people want to discuss cycling, just please don't come here and make your first question about Lance. I can't handle it any more.
Jun 28, 2009
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Versus being the Lance-erotic channel

You gotta do what you gotta do to raise some dough from commercials. This guy is the second most marketable athlete in the US and they will play the tune their sponsors want to hear. We can compare viewership with and without Lance. There is quite a variance in the numbers.
Clemson Cycling said:
We can compare viewership with and without Lance. There is quite a variance in the numbers.

the viewing figures are the same as before Lance retired don't know if that is different in the US (source is a UK newspaper; I'm looking for the link)

The fact is those who like cycling watch the tour those who don't don't Lance is not the saviour on two wheels.


its mainly the french directors responsible, blame them..

i think its summed up by the lead report in the telegraph

Cavendish Wins Stage
Cancellara Retains Yellow
Armstrong finishes safely in Bunch

sums up the media view really..