Norwegian road administration wants speedlimits in cycle race.

The norwegian town of Grimstad is set to host the norwegian championships next year and in anticipation of that they wanted to host the race Sörlandsmesterskapet on the planned championship route. The problem was that the Norwegian Public Roads Administration "vegvesenet" wanted further details about how the race was planned on being raced since the race passes through stretches with 30, 40 and 50 km/h speedlimits and "speedlimits shall be followed also in cycle races" the NPRA says.

They are working on a solution but the whole story itself is just baffling.
Aug 16, 2011
Wait...What? They want the cyclists to obey the speed limit? You've got to be kidding me :rolleyes:
Jul 27, 2009
Afrank said:
Wait...What? They want the cyclists to obey the speed limit? You've got to be kidding me :rolleyes:
They will have to obey all traffic signals, too. Running a red light or stop sign will result in a ticket.
Jan 3, 2011
After the Worlds in Denmark there was alot of talk about Norway wanting to host the Worlds soon. I can only say one thing to that........ MAKE IT HAPPEN :D
I never would have guessed that the first organization to take a serious stab (jab?) at reducing doping would be the Norwegian Public Roads Administration.
Shirley ;) lower speeds would reduce the need for doping.
Hurrah NPRA!!

Seriously, this would be the perfect April's Fool's Day joke. Either as simply the story or, slightly more elaborate, handing out speeding tickets to the riders.
This... it's just silly!

They aren't gonna actually give the riders speeding tickets, right?
Oct 4, 2011
I think its a great idea. They should also add in obeying the traffic lights even though there is no traffic, and if you overshoot a turn and end up in a car park you cannot rush back, you must obey the 5kmph for where you ended up.......oh and dont forget not crossing the single white line for overtaking or sticking to the right side of the road unless your overtaking on a broken white line.

Go Norway.
Nov 16, 2011
What about speed limits on time trials? Or how about citation for exhibition of speed - standing on pedals will not be allowed.
Appearently the police can overrule the road authority, but it seems they want to let the road authority have their discussion about the rules and regulations before overruling.

My personal guess is that they will overrule the road authority when the debate dies down and the police can finally stop laughing.:D
Only government could come up with something this silly, and enforce it with seriousness. If police won't enforce it, there are always cameras that can be installed to get snapshots of naughty cyclists. So naturally they'll have to require license plates (complete with registration fees) to be able to identify the offending rider, in order to collect yet more revenues.