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Not Your Typical Cav Thread

Jul 17, 2009
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Love the guy or hate the guy, his post race quotes are as classic as his rides.

Yesterday describing his climbing effort to stay with the group for the sprint finish.

"It was hard I mean my saddle went further and further up my @rse at the end"

bloody brilliant

You can tell when the non scripted one liners are coming because he goes into heavy regional accent....

I have rewound this post race interview with Frankie over and over with a north west GB local in the house to translate and that is pretty much what we got out of it ... Just classic.

There are others as we know; post Cav's infamous quotes here.

Love the guy or hate him; regardless who he ****es off in the peloton; his smack is great and he can back it up as we know....
Jul 18, 2009
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Indeed. He really has made a point of being nice the last couple of days too. An apology to Thor, a very emotional victory interview yesterday and taking off his helmet as he passed Tom's memorial today.

Coverage today showed the grupetto rolling in in a bunch- but look at the results. Cav and Hushovd finished 7 secs in front of the rest. They just couldn't stop themselves having a wee cheeky sprint to finish off the stage (and Cav won!).

Love it
Jul 23, 2009
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He is certainly a better interview than Mr. "Next Question."

He acts like a child one day then seems sincere in his apologies the next. In other words, he's a real person, faults and all. And a bloody incredible sprinter. I'm enjoying the battle for the points jersey this year (at least there is a battle for one jersey) and the peloton would be worse off without Cav in my opinion, although many of them would probably like to smack him if they could catch him.