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Oct 25, 2010
Matt Decanio re-tells the story of getting fired. Read it quick, as Matt's not much of an archivist. He's very prone to removing all of his content and re-creating his website by morning.

And Matt, if you're reading this: Quit trashing your website and re-doing it by the next morning. People might think your a total nutjob sometimes, but your stories need to be archived and kept around. They add value to the fight.
He doesn't strike me as a particularly stable guy but man I loved this:
You see my coach Toby Stanton of Hottubes told me something one day and it stuck with me. These European racers have to get up and take a **** in the morning just like I do. Lance takes mad dumps everyday, and when he wipes his *** he has one ball to look at, I have two and it is because I made the right choices in life.