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Open Letters

Thanks to Dr M for his Open Letter to McQuaid. Really well put. As it was an open letter it deserves to be put as a sticky without any comments (and also be reprinted somewhere in the "real" press where Pat might actually see it).

Anyway, as a continuation of Dr Ms open letter, which garnered a lot of comments of "I'll sign it!" by a number of posters this could be a very potential way of adding pressure to the whole clean-up.

One of the things I think many of us have sorely missed throughtout the years, and one of the reasons cycling has a bad image, is that there has never been a South Africa style Truth and Reconciliation Commission (forget if that's exactly what they called it or not).

There were great opportunities for this both in 98 and 2006 and if there ever was another opportunity for one it would be now.

Any buyers??