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Outdoor riding to prepare

Dec 21, 2009
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A lot of people cycling, many people choose riding equipment, riding a lot of people do not know what equipment needs, of course, there is also a small number of people are traveling light, its not much stress. I come with you Talking about what needs to be done outside of the riding to prepare bar.

1. Cycling: This is the first consideration, had no car to talk about riding. The best folding bike is a little better or a mountain bike, the general price of 2000 yuan. Folding bikes can easily get on the train or bus, but not folding mountain bike we must take the wheels can be removed for transport.

2. Cycling clothing: you can help speed, sweat, breathable bag behind the riding suitcan hold things, long-sleeved clothing to prevent the arm cycling sun, winter flock Canada can play a warm riding clothes effect. It also has reflective signs, inadvertently give you the ride plus a layer of insurance.

3. Riding pants: when you will inevitably want to be riding thigh caused by compression at the same time, the site if there are prolonged gas-tight, and would also adversely affect personal hygiene. Therefore, always riding the friends, riding pants are indispensable. The best summer riding and long-distance cycling wear cycling shorts. The greatest advantage of a riding pad, you can minimize the friction, but also has a breathable, wicking capabilities. Generally increases with Lycra cycling shorts are not easily deformed. Right thigh up with a good protective effect of PP, it is also reflective signs.

4. Riding gloves: Sweat-absorbent, non-slip, breathable, protecting hands and fingers, is also equipped with one of the sorts of stuff. If it is in winter, you choose all Kexin mittens. Is also best to ride wrist strap, so your journey will be more comfortable ride.

5. Riding glasses: ride to prevent stroke, hard object, and UV on the eye injury, but I personally believe that is also a major role in one of the sorts of stuff.

6. Riding helmet: You can crash to prevent the branches hitting the leaves to prevent the flying stone hit, streaming rain, breathable, speed. Children's helmets with visors to block out the sun in the helmets can also affix reflectors when riding at night to prevent accidental collision.