Paris - Nice 10 March - 17 March 2019 77th edition

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Paris - Nice 2019 Monday 11 March
stage 2 Les Bréviaires - Bellegarde 163.5 km
Les Bréviaires serves as departure for the 2nd stage in Paris-Nice. At 163.5 kilometres, the route runs on flat to undulating terrain to Bellegarde. Fast men's fiesta coming up!
The 2nd stage of Paris-Nice sets off west of Paris to head south. Two opportunities for those eyeing up the mountain jersey present themselves in the first 55 kilometres. Côte de Senlisse slopes for 1.1 kilometre at 5.5%, while Côtes-des-Granges-le-Roi is 1.5 kilometres and its average gradient 3.5%.

The 2nd stage of Paris-Nice starts at 12:30 and the expected finish is around 16:30 – both are local times.
TV times - 14.15 GMT/15.15 CET/10.15 EDT

A 23 km loop from the finishing line ends the stage.
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Koronin said:
tobydawq said:
Koronin said:
Yet another race where Movistar appears to have no clue what it's doing.
Quintana was in the front ten the whole day. Pretty damn impressive. He didn't win the Colombian battle of being the best cross-winds rider (Bernal was incredible) but he did better than you would have thought him capable of.

Of course they tried to also get Soler up there but he had an accident just before the cross-winds.

I don't really know what they should have done differently.
They should have had at least 2 members of team trying to help Soler, which it didn't appear they did. Also it does NOT appear Soler was the race leader going into this race which he should have been by virtue of having won last year.

DFA123 said:
[quote="Koronin":10hpf0qf]Yet another race where Movistar appears to have no clue what it's doing.
That's a bit harsh; they managed to get Quintana to finish in the front group on a stage with echelons and big splits. That's probably their biggest tactical triumph for years.
They couldn't get Soler BACK to that group which is a HUGE mistake on their part.[/quote]
Movistar had the defending champion in the 2012 Vuelta. Valverde got into red early. After the crash in the Valdezcaray stage, basically Cobo got left to his own devices up front and the guys like Intxausti, who had got in front of the split, were pulled back to help Valverde. A week later Cobo was at best third in command, behind Valverde and Intxausti, and a week after that he was in the train pulling, not just before Valverde and Intxausti, but Quintana and Javi Moreno too.
Except when you have someone you keep calling the future of your team, wouldn't be a good idea to give him opportunities to show he actually can lead the team? If you're saying he's the future of the team and then don't give him a chance to actually lead what exactly are you saying.

Escarabajo said:
Nice stage. It usually happens in the early stages of Paris Nice. Impressed by Bernal and Quintana. Others were lucky.
Lopez again, losing time in the early stages. Some things never change. :eek:
Bernal looked really, really good yesterday, even taking that late sprint. I know it's early...but if he shows that kind of savvy in a GT, he can podium this year. Whether Sky will let him is another matter.

It was exceptionally windy yesterday, too -- our local park was closed b/c of danger from falling limbs. I was going to go out for a ride myself to see if I could catch some of the race around Poissy but decided to stay in once I saw how the shutters were banging around.
Because of strong tailwinds on the day's stage, the start has been delayed by 10 minutes and will now take place at 12:40 instead of 12:30.
So if we're lucky we should just about still see the sprint finish. :)

but then again -
Note that traffic problems forced the organisers to slighty change the route. As a result, the stage is 165.5-km long, two kilometres longer than previously announced.
... so it's swings and roundabouts. :D