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Perez Situation

Sep 3, 2009
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Hey all. My first post.

I spent a few days in Buenos Aries in July. Frightening is the only word I have for the traffic there. As I traveled through the country I saw only two cyclists. I was afraid for each. When I visited bike shops no one had heard of Perez or the Haedos. This is not a cycling friendly part of the world.

If you have an oportunity, please reach out to cyclists from Central and South America. There are beautiful roads, amazing mountain passes, wonderful people and fantastic wine. I'm not gonna move there though... not safe for cyclists.

Hit up the Olympic comitees, support races if you can. Anything to build the sport world wide.

Seen the news this morning? They organized a mob of armed cops to go and break up a training ride.

Nothing seems to have changed in Argentina since the days of the military dictatorship.

I wouldn't visit such a fascist country.