Please lose the cheesy ads

Apr 29, 2009
Please use the cheesy ads, Im sure the site is not desperate for cash, I mean comon "you are the 1 millionth user" this lowers the tone and quite frankly makes you think twice about the safety of the site. clean it up.
Dec 7, 2010
Shouldn't this be part of the adjacent Pop Up Ads thread?

It sounds to me like some user are experiencing something very "computer specific" and not the fault of the CN forum. I run Safari on a Mac (not a Mac evangelist by any stretch of the imagination) and haven't had any of the problems described here.

I very often have to work on one particular PC for a company I interact with, and I often have that "1 million user" thing pop up. That particular machine always seems to have some sort of corrupted file issue and never seems to be totally virus free.

I do get the annoying "flashing" ads on the right hand side of my screen, but they only appear for the length of one page. As soon as I scroll down on a longer thread, they disappear. But if I shrink my screen, they shrink along with it.

The thing is, I never even look at those stupid things. As soon as some ad flashes in my peripheral vision, on any web page, I don't even acknowledge it. In fact I'm certain that I have NEVER clicked on a single ad on the CN forum for that very reason. You want my attention? Then STOP YELLING (FLASHING) AT ME! I can't imagine a more obnoxious way of advertising—except those "ads" that truly do "pop up" unexpectedly on the screen. Saddest manipulation of technology, if you ask me.


hmm.. this one stoops to an all time low..

Come on cn, someone logon to your adsense account and change the settings.

this one is just tacky
Jul 7, 2010
The ads you're talking about normally only show if there aren't any ads we've specifically sold, which shouldn't be very often. We can request that they be banned so if you find any that are offensive/unsuitable then please do report them using screenshots. I've asked that the one posted above be removed.

TeamSkyFans, I can't see your ad as it's an expired AWS resource. Please make sure to screenshot the ads rather than link to them directly. (I'm assuming that's what you did.)

EDIT: And if you can grab the URL that the ad points to, that would be even more helpful.