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PN Podium Contest, Stage 7

Shall we try it one more time?

Once again, all you have to do is pick today's winning top three. The podium in order, one-two-three. If no one has the right order, then we will take simply the top three in any order, but it must be all three.

The prize: a Cervelo TestTeam musette bag and cap signed by Heinrich Haussler.

To try to make it a bit easier, we will not close the contest until 10 km to go today.

The fine print:

The contest opens at 12 noon (CET) and closes with 10km to go. PLEASE NOTE EARLIER STARTING TIME!

One pick per user.

No edits allowed. If you change your mind, delete your first posting and post again.

The first one with the right picks wins.

List the names in the order you think they will place.

Please put only your tips in this thread. Continue the race discussion in the appropriate thread.

If you want to choose a Sanchez, say which one, LL or Samu. Simply "Sanchez" won't make the cut.

Good luck!