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Prediction Game 2022 Women's Edition (De Amy Pieters Trofee)

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This one's going to be a tough pick, I think. It's hard to look past van Vleuten or Vollering on form, and it's hard for me to drop Demi-Goddess after she's repaid my faith in her so consistently. At the same time, I have a chaque that we're going to see a good result for Liane Lippert and I really want to go for her, since I have a deficit and safe bets won't likely win me any ground, plus I do like Liane, but I just find it too difficult to look past Annemiek and Demi on this kind of parcours.

If I don't contradict this post later, assume I'm playing safe and going for Annemiek and Demi, despite myself.
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My only path to overall victory now is to get points from left field picks, so I might as well continue with this tactic. Grace Brown, who could benefit from Cavalli's presence, and Liane Lippert are my picks. My third, but unofficial rider, is Yara Kastelijn.

Of course now that I have chosen Lippert, Labous will presumably finish higher this time.
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We are now done with the classics and will mainly be doing stage races from now on with a lot more points on offer. RhD is in the lead, while I'm still doing my best to keep the Danish average down.

JV: AVV, Vollering 3
RhD: AVV, Vollering 3
Jaylew: AVV, Niewiadoma 2
DKO: Niewiadoma, Vollering 1
LS: Niewiadoma, Vollering 1
PK: Niewiadoma, Vollering 1
Samu: Vollering, Labous 1
Yaco: Niewiadoma, Vollering 1
Gwbert: Niewiadoma, ELB 0.5

DKO: AVV, Vollering 4
LS: AVV, Vollering 4
Gwbert: Cavalli, AVV 3.5
Yaco: AVV, García 3
Samu: Brown, Lippert 2.5
JV: Cavalli, Vollering 1.5
PK: Cavalli, Vollering 1.5
RhD: Cavalli, Vollering 1.5

Standings after 9 of 18 races
@RedheadDane 23.5
@Dk one 22.5
@Põhja Konn 21.5

@Libertine Seguros 20
@Jumbo Visma Fan :) 14
@yaco 14
@Gwbert 10.5

@Samu Cuenca 9.5
@jaylew 9
Now, listen here! If I wanna think about my picks for Itzulia, I am damn well gonna think about my picks for Itzulia!

You are of course allowed to think about who you would have picked. I'm not sure how accurate the available start lists are yet. I, for instance, doubt that Ella Harris will be riding it after she's just now returned to riding on the road after having been on crutches since her crash in Brugge-De Panne. But after the Spanish one-day races over the next two days a more reliable start list should be ready.