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questions about forgotten news items

Hey folks. So I get my news about cycling from this website and very little else. But sometimes, things that are in the news just get dropped and you never hear about them again. I was wondering if the community here could help me out with some things I've been curious about, but haven't heard anything on for awhile.

1. Whatever happened to Vladimir Gusev? Astana dropped him because of blood irregularities that came up in their internal testing program, but I don't think that means he's suspended. But I also haven't heard of another team picking him up, which is surprising because he was a talented rider.

2. What happened with Iban Mayo? Last I heard (over a year ago) his camp was so outraged about the procedure, but I haven't heard of any legal challenges, even though it seemed to me like there was a case.

3. Did Janez Brajkovic think he won the Giro di Lombardia last year? He crossed the line in 2nd celebrating like he forgot that Cunego was up the road, and watching on TV it seemed like the commentators thought that he maybe had thought he won. But I never heard anything about it in the news. Anyone know? It was pretty funny the way he celebrated, in any case.

Anyone else have questions they've thought about in recent months but have had no answers to?


gusev has no team and as far as i can find out if actively looking for one, although he seems very quiet on the matter...

mayo's ban ends in july this year (31st) at which point i assume he will join rock racing just in time for the ToB

and JB did come second.. thats all i know...