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RadioShack rider positive

Mellow Velo said:
Shock horror! The smallest name in the squad gets nabbed.
Wow, I'll go back to sleep...........

Yeah, thought it might've been someone higher up. I was thinking Horner before I opened the thread.

I'm sure I read somewhere that something like 40% (or maybe higher, I can't remember) of pro cyclists have a prescription for drugs often used for asthma..
issoisso said:
"Volcano ash. I couldn't breathe".

Except it was March 23rd. A tad too early for Ejyafjallajökull-defense (the ash didn't start spreading until April 14th), but I like how you think. :p Maybe he can get a back dated TUE or something.

EDIT: Btw, I see you changed for avatar from 12, to 11. What's the significance?
Mar 18, 2009
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I just realized it's been 8 years since a Bruyneel rider was caught red-handed. Wow, it's been forever.

luckyboy said:
The Giro that starts in 15 days time on May 8th? Or the Giro di Toscana that is in 11 days time? :p

The Giro d'Italia that starts in 11 working days . Because Weekends aren't days. They're heaven :D