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Regarding rider interviews lately, suggestion for fix

I understand the format of getting quotes from riders, but lately it has become the norm to go with a great sound bite or a great quote that could be considered controversial.
My suggestion is to publish the rider's quotes ALONG with the question that was asked AND the FULL quote.
Just in this Giro alone we got (summarizing):

Quote from Nibali:
I don't get along well with Quintana, we are rivals.

Quote from Quintana:
The people are looking for the new Pantani, well, here I am.

Quote from Gaviria:
I have won more stages than other colombians but that doesn't mean anything.

Now, with the questions asked, along with the full quote.
Question (To Nibali): People are saying that this race is between you and Nairo, do you feel he gets more respect than you even though you have won multiple tours. Is it true that you see him as an enemy?:
Answer: There are many riders that can win this Tour. I don't see it just between us, other riders. I do not see him as an enemy. We are in different teams and that makes us rivals. I do not think he is my enemy. Perhaps I don't get along well with Quintana. It is the same as other team leaders, maybe I am more friendly with others but that's normal.

Question (To Quintana): In one of the turns, there was a lot of tifosi that had signs for the great Pantani, a national hero, and some say that we need a new Pantani. Is that you?
Answer: I have seen all of Pantani's races and am a great fan of his. He rode for the people and made people happy and I admire that and try to do the same. It is a great honor to be compared to him. I respect a lot of the things he did.

Question (To Gaviria): You have won 4 stages in the Giro now, more than Lucho Herrera, more than Nairo Quintana. How does that make you feel, are you the best sprinter at the Giro?
Answer: I may have won more stages than other colombians but that doesn't mean much in itself. It means to me that I have been lucky, that my legs are responding, that I have a great team. I am not the best sprinter here, Greipel has won more in his career and is faster, I'm just in better shape. He has other goals this season and may not be at his best.