Riis Will Stay in Business

Aug 6, 2009
ergmonkey said:
Bjarne Riis will have a team for at least two more years on a level similar to that of the current Team Saxo Bank:


I was considering starting a new thread, but having already spammed the Saxo bank is crumbling and general news threads though that might be pushing it. Now that you've done it for me :p I'll repost the conclusion here too:

In summery, 2 new sponsors, one of which is Sungard, the sponsorship is at the current level, and Andy Schleck will not confirm whether he's staying or leaving (which IMO means probably leaving). There's a link here.

The link is for the same Article as the OP, but run through a translation program so it's in English (sort of).
Mar 13, 2009
Great news!!

I'm hoping the Schlecks will stay but as Cerberus said, it doesn't look that way.

If they move though it would also be exciting to see the next generation of Riis-GC riders step up - I'm thinking it'll be Fuglsang.

Congrats Bjarne, looking forward to seeing you next season!