Rocco Taminelli Thread

Rocco is one of these less visible characters at the UCI that pops up in the most opportune times and places, kind of like Martial Saugy. What do we know about Rocco?

Lawyer based in Switzerland.
Held various positions at the UCI including the UCI Disciplinary Commission
Defended Contador very successfully
Defended Pelizotti
Defended Gusev?
Name pops up over and over in articles about Ferrari, but I don't read Italian and Google translate isn't too helpful.


Copy and paste this into Google, no quotes: " Rocco Taminelli" Lots of references to the guy.
Aug 15, 2012
I don't know anything about him, but thanks for the heads up. Gives me something new to research before bed later. Hopefully, knowledge of the lesser known personalities like him can start filling in some of the data blanks we run into.
About Contador, I think Taminelli was part of his original legal team (supplied by Ferrari?), but Contador quickly got a different one (worried about how traceable it was and how obvious it would look?), so his defense wasn't really done by Taminelli.