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Russ Downing wins GC at Tour de Wallonie

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Jul 24, 2010
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It wasn't stolen to any degree. Downing (and the 3 others) did a fantastic ride to bridge to the 6 leaders yesterday. Downing tried attacking today. Downing won the sprint today. He was a deserved winner.
theyoungest said:
Well, I called it (a bit) stolen because he certainly wasn't the strongest rider in this race (Bakelants, anyone?) and his team did none of the work. Not that I care, I just wasn't too impressed, as opposed to the above fan who apparently hasn't even seen this race.

His team did none of the work because there were only three of them left (including Russ). There was absolutely no point them doing any work to bring back the break if they then had no-one to get Russ to the front.

I was going to respond defending Russ as calling his victory "a bit stolen" initially sounded like it was diminishing his achievement, but now I'm thinking it may be a compliment: I think many of us would recognise that he's neither the most talented, nor the strongest rider in that race - and yet he still managed to win it! More power to him.
Mar 12, 2009
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i'm happy for russ, someone who has properly come through the ranks, may not have been the strongest but he was the most consistent.

it cheered up my rubbish day at work anyhow