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Russia ban three riders for doping this morning.

Jul 16, 2009
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Anne Gripper, the head of the anti doping at the sports governing body (UCI) said on the first of July that:
"the sport is clean "

Last Wednesday morning, Italian police arrested failed pro, turned coach Aleksandar Nikacevic for being the mastermind behind a huge doping ring. Nikacevic, A former head of Serbian cycling was arrested with thirty other people, including around a dozen pro cyclists by the Padua police in north Italy. "the sport is clean "??

10,000 vials of drugs were seized during searches carried out in ten regions of Italy
Nikacevic is suspected of the harbouring and smuggling of all of these 10,000 drugs, including EPO. This wasn’t one dodgy doctor or bent coach but a massive network. Among the 30 others arrested were representatives of pharmaceutical companies, five doctors and three team managers of cycling teams.
A doping chain from production in the factory, on to the team bus and direct to the finish line.

"the sport is clean "??

This morning- Russia ban three riders for doping. Former European junior champion Ilnur Zakarin was among three riders banned by the Russian cycling federation (FVSR) for failing drugs tests.

Zakarin, 19, who won the European under-18 title in 2007, and former Russian mountain bike champion Yekaterina Melnikova, 22, were each banned for two years, while Kirill Bozhenko, 22, received a 12-month suspension for testing positive for various stimulants,

"the sport is clean "??

Click your ruby shoes together when you say it Anne!


the truth. said:
"the sport is clean "??

It may not be clean, but with three less bad apples in the basket

it is a little cleaner.. ;)

Dr. Maserati

Jun 19, 2009
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the truth. said:
Anne Gripper, the head of the anti doping at the sports governing body (UCI) said on the first of July that:
"the sport is clean .....
Click your ruby shoes together when you say it Anne!

Can you please provide the link to your quote from Anne Gripper where she said "the sport is clean"?

I don't ever remember Anne Gripper saying the sport was clean?! Cleaner yes - clean no. This is from her most recent interviewon Cyclingnews.

Question: How clean do you think the peloton is?

Anne Gripper: Ah, I’m an optimist by nature but when I look at the 840 riders in the passport programme the vast majority of the peloton have very normal blood values. So I’m really confident that we have a far higher number of clean riders than ever before. Those that choose not to ride clean are being exposed. The sport looks like it’s chaotic but we knew when we started this programme that we’d have two or three difficult years but the number of riders needing to be exposed is getting smaller and smaller and our ability to expose that number is getting better.
She is optimistic.

All the same, it probably is cleaner than it's been in some time. More riders that are clean, and many more that are cleaner, since the start of the EPO era.

Much larger percentage of cleaner riders than in the 60's through 80's. However, most of those riders were on uppers and cortisone.

The only disagreement I have with her is that I don't think their testing is conclusive enough to determine that a high percentage are clean. Then again, she says "normal blood values."