RusVelo - Kovalev brothers

RusVelo - Kovalev brothers (MPCC update)

Wasn't planning to post this here but just got some news.

Here's what I posted at VeloRooms while CN was down.. (all the info is in the blogpost at the bottom anyway)

&quot said:
Don't know if anyone has seen this but these two riders went over to Illinois in mid-July to ride a Criterium series (part of the UCI Road Criterium Calendar).

On the 12th Ivan Kovalev won the race, while younger brother Evgeny finished 11th (31 finishers).
On the 18th Ivan was 21st, Evgeny 22nd (30 finishers). Seen reports of them riding towards the back of the peloton.

The second race was during RusVelo's 8 day MPCC suspension. Each time they rode under 'Team Russia' and didn't wear RusVelo kit in either criterium - a pic of Ivan on the podium on the 12th is below, while Adam Myerson has confirmed they didn't on the 18th..

They disappeared after that, and are listed as DNS for the 20th and 21st.

Here's what they left in the bins at their host family's house..

Nothing illegal - some supplements, an inhaler, a few drugs that provide blood-related benefites. There is what looks like a syringe in the clear bag (an IV kit actually) on the right though.

All in all, quite weird. Bit disturbing how much stuff two guys had in their suitcases to do a few minor criteriums. Odd that two Russians went to Illinois as well :slow

Everything I know is here, including more details on all the drugs -

Anyway, I emailed the MPCC about it a few days ago, and just got a reply.

Dear Sir,

Thank you for information about the two riders of the RUSVELO team that ran during the self-suspension from the team.

MPCC is very active in order to respect its rules of procedure.

We are following this issue very seriously and expect explanations of RUSVELO team.

Thank you again for your cooperation.



Even if it will be pretty tough/impossible? to prove IV kit usage (and apparently their host family didn't want to be involved), they did race while team was suspended. Have to wait and see if those races 'count' under MPCC rules though.