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Scott-Marcondes in trouble ...


Jun 16, 2009
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Luciana Pagliarini goes on strike !¨

Problems Scott-Marcondes
Friday 25 June 2010
It is not going well with the Brazilian continental pro team Scott-Marcondes. Sprinter Luciano Pagliarini and leader has said he will not be active this weekend in the Brazilian championship, because he was still not paid by his team.
'I will not ride the Brazilian championship in protest against the non payment of our salaries,' so let Pagliarini know.
"I'm tired of all lies. We cycle and work professionally, but are only promises and apologies again."
The UCI, is looking in to the defaults of Scott-Marcondes.
Mar 19, 2010
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This is a real shame, however, understandable: The minimum budgets for professional continental teams are in accordance with a wealthy european reality. Also it would be hard for such an expensive team to produce a good enough return, being limited in the racing it does.

These licence rules set by the UCI are some what strange and do not help the "globalization" of cycling. Finding a liquid €1.2m is hard most industries.