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Serena Williams: The Cadel Evans of tennis

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cyclingmad said:
I might be wrong but I think most people agree that the protour rankings were a joke.

He had one win for the entire season not counting his victory at the Beijing test event. Lots of 2nds. Very steady season but you didn't hear us celebrating Eric Zabel's declining years when he was getting more 2nds than the most prolific winner got 1st's?
Jul 23, 2009
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flicker said:
Mr. Evans and Ms. S. Williams marrying and having a family.
I will bet you would see some world champion athletes.

What a visual... one with a strong hard muscular body, the other with weak shoulders and a squeaky voice. Try slapping that woman if she touched your stuffed lion... she'd ram the lion and your damn dog right up your chin-bum!