May 13, 2009
HemoMer is a new product in preclinical development by AplaGen Biopharmaceuticals. It combines EPO mimetic peptides with hydroxyethylstarch (HES). This pushes it above the filtration threshold of the kidneys. Half Life and efficacy are both improved.

What's the rumor mill on this? Anybody in cycling having heard/seen/encountered it? Second and third hand reports? Anything?
That article by Millard Baker has been around for over a year now. Didn't mean that in a negative way. It's actually an excellent summary of modern blood doping products, and I've linked and quoted it myself!

We spoke about hematide (a similar peptide to hemomer) and aicar earlier in this thread (link), after Pierre Bordry lamented their probable use in last year's Tour, as they were all but impossible to detect.

Definitely a worthy Clinic discussion heading into 2010 if you ask me. Comments anyone?