How To Shimano 105 11 speed rear derraileur vs Barrel adjuster

Nov 12, 2020
Hi all,

I bought my Canyon road bike 2 years ago everything worked fine until now.
I was doing some maintenance on the rear derailleur just to find out that the barrel adjuster was completely unscrewed from the derailleur and had a big tension on the cable. So much that when I attach the cable back the gear changes automatically to the lowest gear. I tried to screw the barrel adjuster back in but it seems too big for the derailleur, and I can't screw it back in.

The adjuster threads look fine, but the first rows on the derailleur are gone.
Is there a way to make this to work properly or should I start saving for a rear derailleur?

You will need to unattach the cable, then screw in the adjuster to about halfway. After this set your lower limit screw so the chain just sits cleanly on the 11 tooth, and take up ALL the cable slack and clamp it down again. Now you can use the adjuster to index your gears again.