Singlespeed & belt drive & disc & rack

Sep 23, 2020
Dear all,

I live in Helsinki and the motorcycle is about to go away for the year and I'm looking for a winter commuting bicycle. Perfect bike would be singlespeed & belt drive & disc brakes and rear rack/mudguards - preferably in with drop handlebars.

Does this sound familiar to anyone - brands to be recommended or a builder who could do this?

Thanks for your time
The exact bike you want, I think, doesn't exist. You could get someone to build you a frame, but that is going to depend on budget. I'd recommend looking at the Schindelhauer Jacob. It ticks loads of boxes, comes with a dynamo and integrated lighting which is a massive plus and if you want you could stick some drops on it and either run the current levers on the tops or replace the brakes.

I'm waiting a Kona Unit. Will install dropbars. Hopefully singlespeed will do the job, otherwise I'm out of cycling. Can't stand and pay anymore Danaid's barrel that are shimano chains,/variable gears,/front/rear derailleur/ you name it these days (also don't get me start on disc brakes... :mad:).
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1st thing I did after my first ride with my singlespeed!
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