Sizing help: Shimano S-Sphyre RC9

Nov 20, 2020

I am considering buying a new pair of Shimano S-Sphyre RC9 and since I don't have any retailers nearby (I live in Slovenia) I'm going to buy them online, but I'm not 100% sure about the sizing of the shoes. I own a pair of Mavic Syrium Elite 2 size 46 but all my sneakers and other shoes I use, are size 44, so that's where the confusion part is. My foot is not wide or anything out of proportions.

Thanks for your help and pardon for my "meh" english!
Jul 5, 2021
You should take an accurate measure of your feet. If you have one bigger than the other (which is normal), consider the bigger measure.
Mine is about 29 cm. I wear a Shimano road shoe sized 46 EU, which is 29.2 cm inside, so it fits really good.
Take a look at your Mavic's size chart if you can't measure acuratelly.

Shimano's chart is at the following link:
One more comparison for you:
I wear 42.5 in Sidi and 42.5 in Shimano. The 'correct' size isn't always the end of the story though because Shimano shoes just don't make my feet happy. Try to find an online retailer with a good exchange policy.

Also, comparison to 'other' shoes is usually not helpful for many reasons.