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So a couple of months on....



A couple of months on from the changes it would be intersting to hear from CN how traffic has been, are the visitors still there, increased, decreased (after the initial rush of people coming to have a look, but like they do when theres a car crash or something)...

personally, since the second week of the changes i have barely visited, i cant remember visiting at all during the tour, i see the odd news report if its linked from the forum, but i cant remember the last time i actually went to the homepage...

would be interesting to see the visitor reports etc for the last couple of months and how the advertisers have responded to it all..
Mar 10, 2009
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Dim, an interesting article on the Competitive Cyclist log on one of the other forum changes threads. CC said that ad click throughs were down 30% I think 2009 vs VeloNews and that this may have prompted the CN re-model.

Amazing that CN did such a bad job in this respect. imo, the forum is the only thing holding the site together.