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Some Tour of Flanders photos

I have posted some Tour of Flanders photos (mostly ambiance stuff) since when it came to the racing this year I had the video camera going. I will post links to those videos later.

And the address is:


if the link doesn't work you can just search for the Facebook group "The ChainStay" they are posted there.

On to GP Scheldeprijs and then Roubaix ... man I love this time of year.


two galleries just gone up on teamskyfans.. from rusty who was there for about 4 days before and some from neil on the day of the race.
Bala Verde said:
a couple of crates of Jupiler got you through the cold I see...

Those weren't from us ... the cops came over and told the group they had to much beer and had to bring down a couple crates (not that they had to stop drinking). They were going full steam when we arrived with 2 hours till the race was to come through.
Michele said:
@Gregg, you know John?

Yea I know him ... been hearing him talk scottish for years now ... he stayed with us this year and helped out with the driving on Saturday. Was cool to actually show him a new way to get from the Koppenberg and Muur after he had been coming here for years.