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Specialized vs. Trek vs. Cannondale

Jun 7, 2010
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Disclaimer: I am not a rep for any bike company, this is my personal bike buying/selecting experience.

After looking for months at different bikes, component groups and manufacturers...I chose Specialized.

While I thought a Trek/Gary Fisher Wahoo Disc was the choice to go with for MTB Hardtail, I decided to save a couple hundred and get the Hardrock Disc.

Comparison: (having ridden several of each)

Specialized gives equal componentry and quality for whichever price range
you're looking for, what sold me was the G2 type geometry of the Hardrock.
(I considered the Specialized Rockhopper, but liked the Hardrock's feel)

Trek's new bikes were a bit bulkier, but no better and more expensive
for similar gear...unless you get a Fisher hardtail you'll end up with a weird
dog tail nub on Trek hardtails.

Cannondale was overpriced and too reliant on full suspension...though if you're looking for single fork technology they are advanced.

Agree? Disagree? Have a buying story/comparison?
Ive owned all 3 and seen all 3 crack and get warrantied no probs. All 3 above companies have lifetime frame warranty.

Comes down to individual fit in the end I feel. Make sure you find a good bike fitter cos it doesnt matter how light, cheap, new or whatever if your losing watts cos your seat angle is wrong..

I see Steve Hogg in Sydney. Why should I ride the best bike around if Im not fitted by the best person in the game?
Jul 17, 2009
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So you have only considered 26 in wheel hardtails? This is a 26 hardtail thread.?. Didn't know anyone even rode those any more

So you went with the Specialized fork and Bottombracket/crank set up. Great bikes but I am not at all down with their forks and mtb cranks

The Specialized 29 line is sweet. I also dig the sliders on their carbon SS frames. They also have a good take and essentric Bottom Bracket shell clamping on their alloy frame..

do you have the tapered steerer?

on a side note: Right now the trek Linkage for their 26 suspension bikes is incredible . take a look at the new XTR test here. They used the new Trek as a test
Apr 29, 2010
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My main comment is: Giant. Hands down the winner, in the units-of-value per dollar category. Although not an "American" company, like the three makers in the title of the post, Giant not only crushes them when you consider cost and quality together*, but I've heard they actually manufacture the majority of Trek bikes.

*Only AM and FR categories were evaluated by the reviewer.

Which brings me to my second comment, the previously stated: 26er hardtail?