speed ice skating

Sep 25, 2009
i've been filling time and flipping my telle's channels before the start of the falun xc race this morning, and i stumbled up on the ice skating long track wc ...what a dynamic, spectator friendly sport. i am really surprised given the number of dutchies on the forum, that no one started the thread :) and of course, the dutch girls just dominated the 1500m race...

anyway, i have 2 questions for the experts about the skating gear.

i skate quite a bit each winter (not counting my roller and snow skate skis) and in the last 2 winters i mostly used nordic skates that allow me to switch between my skis and skates without taking my boots off. i noticed that the 2 times they showed a closeup of the skates, they seemed to be similar to my nordic skates with a free floating hill. other times, on other ladies, it looked like the skates were rigidly attached.

so my question is, are clap skates used universally nowadays at the highest level and if not, why ? also, is there a possibility to using claps on a short track ?
May 11, 2009
In the past some cyclists used speed skating as their winter sport because they use the same muscles. Sheila Young is an example winning world championships in each sport.
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