Sq Taper to threaded BB conversion / 11s Crings with 8 speed drivetrain?

Mar 6, 2023
Hi there,

Question regarding our fleet bikes - We run the Trek Domane AL2 2022 in our range for guiding abroad. I personally lead the groups, but wanted to make a small change to the bike, the question is, is it possible to fit a threaded bottom bracket on this bike in place of the square taper one installed, and if so, which bottom bracket would I need? It currently has a Shimano UN300, 68 mm, threaded cartridge, 110 mm spindle.

I would like to install a 24mm axle crankset onto it (power2max type s, Rotor 3D24, 170mm arms) - My other question is, would the 10/11 speed chainrings work with the 8 speed chain/casette with no noticeable loss in shifting performance?

Many thanks in advance.
I'm guessing you want to add this to the fleet bike you ride? if they're fleet bikes don't you have a mechanic you could check the specifics with? You'll just need a HT2 BB, like a BBR60 I believe. 10/11 speed rings should work fine with 8 speed, but guaranteeing no noticeable loss is going to be difficult.

This seems like an extravagant addition for leading group rides, and there's the easier option of just using pedal based power if you really want a power meter. Is there a specific reason you want to go down this route?