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SRAM Chain + Cassette on 9 speed dura ace setup - compatible?

Jun 16, 2009
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I have a Cinelli Unica with 9 speed DA.

I hate shimano chains (had one snap on me in a crit and can't get the memory out of my head) and really like SRAM 9 speed chains, as you can easily take them on and off with the powerlink for cleaning.

I have previously managed to use SRAM chain and cassette (10 speed) on a Trek Madone with 10spd DA.

Does anyone know if I will have any compatibility issues by putting a SRAM 9 spd chain and cassette on a DA 9 spd bike?
I ran 9spd Dura Ace for 8 years and I always used a SRAM 9spd chain with zero issues. Nice and quiet and easy to service with the quick link. There are no issues with shimano or SRAM cassettes on the 9spd drive train. Mix and match to your heart's content. I now run 10spd dura ace (7800) with a SRAM chain and again no issues.