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Suggested Upgrades for Cube Cross Race

May 30, 2020
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Hi everyone,

I just bought my first bike in 10 years. I am somewhat limited by availability, but decided to go with a Cube Cross Race mainly for commuting and maybe some longer weekend rides for fitness.

I decided to get some SPD pedals, but was wondering for my beginner level whether a road tyre would be worth buying? I am on a fairly tight budget. I expect more "roady" tyres may give a speed increase, but to what extent would this be? I can't justify the cost for only marginal improvement The vast majority of my commute is on city roads, may have occasional jumps up kerbs etc.

Thanks in advance!
What tyres does it currently have? If you are riding on tarmac there's good reasons to ride smooth tyres rather than knobbly tyres.

As for cost, you can pick up some pretty robust commuter tyres very cheaply. Something like the Vittoria Rubino Pro or Schwalbe Lugano.