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Taking Suggestions on New Jersey

The title should read A New Jersey
I'm more subversive than the average Joe, so my humor tends to run dry and dark. This post is not for everyone. Let's agree to disagree and leave it there.

I'm really early on this idea, but should it come to pass that Armstrong ends up doing time, I want to do a jersey commemorating the stay in prison.

Color: Varies from prison to prison. Blue, white, orange,yellow, are common colors. Orange possibly being common for new prisoners. Blue possibly being common for long-term prisoners. Lime green possibly for minimum security working convicts.

Graphics-back: Across the back of the shoulders would be his prison ID number if such a thing were to become available. Maybe the name of the prison across the middle third.

Graphics-front: "Cheat to win" "Use cancer. Go to jail" To make it consistent with the back, maybe just the name of the prison across the chest?

Graphics sleeve: I'm thinking the word Pharmstrong logo-fied might be good. A riff on "Just say no" on the other sleeve.

Ideas welcome.