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Taylor Phinney - even he doesn't like the new site.

Jun 15, 2009
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&quot said:
For the record: I prefer the old website. New one looks exactly like BikeRadar.com... No point in having two of the same websites!

Even Taylor Phinney thinks it's crap. Perhaps if Lance says he doesn't like it too, we'll get a decent cyclingnews back?
Jun 19, 2009
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I agree with Taylor 100%...

I had to register for these forums JUST to say how awful this site is.

The new design completely FAILS in every respect:

WAYY harder to find anything: too much going on everywhere
Tiny unreadable type resulting from trying to squeeze in all these duplicative sections
Features & blogs buried at the bottom -- these are usually the best articles that are not found on other sites.
Not to mention it's just plain UGLY.

unreadable, unnavigatable and unwatchable...the design failure trifecta

Please bring the old site back! I'm sure that will never happen so I guess I'll no longer be reading what used to be my favorite cycling website.
Jun 16, 2009
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ReddDraggon said:
Even Taylor Phinney thinks it's crap. Perhaps if Lance says he doesn't like it too, we'll get a decent cyclingnews back?

This is interesting, because Taylor is a current contributor to CN in their blog section. He has a vested interest in this site and his opinion may carry a lot more weight with the ownership than the rest of ours. I wonder if it is possible to contact him and ask him to express his opinion directly to the owners, in private?
Jun 16, 2009
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For that matter, we may want to try and contact the other riders who have provided diaries to CN, either currently or in the past:

Ivan Basso
Gunn-Rita Dahle
Christoph Sauser
Rochelle Gilmore
Barbara Howe
Cameron Jennings
Eva Lutz
Mike Broderick & Mary McConneloug
Taylor Phinney
Andy Schleck
Rory Sutherland

Judith Arndt
Keith Bontrager
Jim Camut
Geoff Kabush
Glen Chadwick
Chris Davidson
Lees McRae
Anna Meares
Marco Pinotti
Cody Stevenson
Trent Wilson
Paolo Bettini
Brad McGee
Alan Davis
Danilo Di Luca
Jame Carney
Levi Leipheimer
Tom Danielson
Cadel Evans
Nicole Freedman
Stefano Garzelli
Laura Van Gilder
Tim Johnson
Chris Horner
Floyd Landis
John Lieswyn
Anna Millward
Johan Museeuw
Joe Papp
Davis Phinney
Filippo Pozzato
Stuart O'Grady
Scott Sunderland
Guido Trenti
Jun 19, 2009
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Sorry guys, but...

Hi developers and editors of CN

I'm just another one in the line:

10+ yrs of daily CN use
Great fan of no-bull**** reporting
loved the old bandwidth friendly interface (since i'm on the opposite side of the globe)

Opening a page on CN requires downloading 75+ objects
Cannot find the info that used be so easy to get at
When I do find an interesting page, the text is obscured by an ad (Oakley or whatever) that is impossible to get rid of.

I can assure you and your advertisers that this will not sell any sunglasses (on the contrary).

This thread is now 80 pages long, and contains some very unfortunate posts by CN personnel - Obviously I don't have time to read it all, but the claim that IE 6.0 is no longer supported by Microsoft is rubbish.

IE 6.0 will be supported for as long as Windows XP SP2 (which might be longer than anyone can tell right now).

I'm saddened to find that i've already changed my habits, moving to other sites which doesn't reach the OLD CN standards by a long way.

Please reconsider - It might be too late aleady.