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Team Ineos (Formerly the Sky thread)

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Same thing happens in any sport where you have the biggest budget, the winners are usually the best funded teams.

I mean Pogacar, Roglic, Vingegaard etc wouldn't have to take the juice if they were in Sky/Ineos with the best domestiques ever assembled in history.

Because Pogacar, Roglic, Vingegaard etc aren't in Sky/Ineos they have to cheat to get the wins instead
if you are serious i am without words but I am quite sure this is just trolling
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No Sky/Ineos rider ever pulled off a 1 minute time trial win over the rest of the world class field like Roglic, Pocagar and Dumoulin did.

Froome was a very good time-trialler and climber, got him 4 bronzes at Olympics and Worlds, but when he had the whole team to help he could get a few extra seconds on his rivals.

Mutants like the Jumbo and UAE riders mentioned can just do a whole minute better than the entire world class field.

Yeah, after several millions pounds government funded investigation into Sky/Ineos they found a couple of dodgy TUEs. (Like Serena Williams and many others)

Imagine if any other nations governments investigated likes of Jumbo, UAE and Bahrain with such clout?

no, he was absolute crap until he came to Sky
Has cycling in the UK gone back to pre-Sky days (as Hart has said)? Youngsters off to the Continent and Ineos riders leaving for greener pastures. Once the elder pair of Thomas and Cav retire, cycling's days of being headline stuff on the back pages look to be over.