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The 2023 Amy Pieters Trofee (Prediction Game WE)

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Dk one keeps smacking us in the butt and could have got maximum points if the break hadn't succeeded in Roubaix.

The start list for Amstel Gold Race isn't confirmed yet, but the unoffical ones seem to be much more reliable than what we've seen ahead of other races.

DKO: 1
Bminchow: 0.5
BR: 0.5
Gwbert: 0.5
JV: 0.5
LS: 0.5
PK: 0.5
RhD: 0.5
Yaco: 0.5
Samu: 0

Current standings after 8 races:
@Dk one 20
@yaco 15
@RedheadDane 15
@Gwbert 14
@BR2 13.5
@Põhja Konn 13.5
@Jumbo Visma Fan :) 12.5
@Libertine Seguros 12.5
@Samu Cuenca 8.5
@bminchow 5.5
Amstel: gonna go for Vollering and Persico. Amstel is a bit of a weird one to pick and i still lack knowledge of the women’s peloton.
It's ok, I'm going for Persico as well, because of the final kilometre layout.

I'm also going for Vollering, but that's zero surprise to anybody because it's practically a guarantee at this point, I've reached the point at which I daren't not pick her for something because that's when she'll pull a hardcore Itzulia on us and win everything.
At this point of the season, we now have the exact same podium as at the end of last year's competition, but Dk one still holds a healthy lead.

Next up is Flèche Wallonne on Wednesday.

Amstel Gold Race
PK: 5
DKO: 3.5
Gwbert: 3.5
LS: 3.5
RhD: 3.5
BR: 3
Yaco: 0.5
Bminchow: 0
JV: The randominator awarded you the Jayco duo of Faulkner and Žigart, but they sadly failed to score points
Samu: 0

Current standings after 9 races:
@Dk one 23.5
@Põhja Konn 18.5
@RedheadDane 18.5
@Gwbert 17.5
@BR2 16.5
@Libertine Seguros 16
@yaco 15.5
@Jumbo Visma Fan :) 12.5
@Samu Cuenca 8.5
@bminchow 5.5
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