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The 2023 CQ Ranking Manager Thread

Page 24 - Get up to date with the latest news, scores & standings from the Cycling News Community.
Sometimes a positive mindset can make a difference, instead of speaking things into existence with a negative one. :)
The beauty, and pain, of these games is that once we have made our picks and the races have begun, there is absolutely nothing (short of an Ommi-Oppi style intervention) that we can do to change the outcome. Even Anderis's pessimism isn't actually going to make Piccolo's season any worse than it might otherwise be.
The beauty, and pain, of these games is that once we have made our picks and the races have begun, there is absolutely nothing (short of an Ommi-Oppi style intervention) that we can do to change the outcome. Even Anderis's pessimism isn't actually going to make Piccolo's season any worse than it might otherwise be.

It is not going to make it any better either :)

I guess it is the age-old question about seeing the cup as half-empty or half-full.

Either way, it will be what it will be in the end.
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I'm going to suggest that "putting positive energy out", except for the possible (but I suspect largely overestimated) live crowd effect, makes no difference at all.
This is very relatable so I'm going to share some psychological background so you can all understand where I often come from.

As a child, I remember that my family or adults in general would often spread unfounded optimism about something. My grandma was the most guilty of it as I believe ignoring any worries and negative stuff was her coping mechanism (enough said that she died of cancer a few years ago because she refused to acknowledge she had any worrying symptoms until it was way too late to do anything, even though she knew she had ones).
As a child, you're taught that adults know better and you should trust them, but then you see their judgement was wrong and you feel cheated, especially if the outcome was much worse than what they were predicting and you ended up unprepared because of it. So I learned very early in my life not to trust something just because someone is saying it and to get sceptical about people focusing too much on the positive side but that's not limited to positivity only but any one-sided thinking in general. I would learn to take the opposite stance to test if the person's opinion is worth anything, if they can withstand my intelectual challenge with some arguments I'm unable to refute- if yes, then I get additional information, which is something I'm often guilty of (gathering too much information I don't necessarily have much use for just in case), if no, then I know there's no use to losing any sleep over the person's opinion because they don't seem to have any knowledge or judging capabilities that I lack, which is useful information too. It's my way of navigating the world that presents too much confusing information.

I also tend to be on the pessimistic side in my life because I've learned time and time again that optimism proven wrong is much more painful in my case than being prepared for the worst.
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Carlos Canal has been a pretty goo rider to have during the Mallorca Challenge. He took points in all the races he did. Soto and Gotzon Martín also picked up some points today, but it's a bummer for me that Aranburu finished 21st. Bizkarra also just missed out the other day.
Cadel Evan's Race


Looks good, but I've never watched this race so no idea really.

Couldn't have asked for too much more with three of the top six, and a couple of others picking up points. Hope that isn't the highlight of my season already, but it does at least compensate for The TDU.

And Salby gets win in Gabon, but probably only because Tesson wasn't invloved. Looked like the latter had a bad day yesterday and is out of GC contention?
A month into the season my reasons to be hopeful:
Good starts for E. Vernon, Hugo Page (surprisingly rare pick) and Marin van den Berg (unique pick). I think all three could double points totals from last year, and Page might triple his.

Yes, Page being on only 9 teams is looking pretty good so far. As Jakob pointed out, ICW are spoilt for choice in the classics, so hopefully these performances have moved him up the pecking order. As I posted in the Mallorca thread, had Vernon last year and wasn't overly impressed. Well done on seeing the potential that I couldn't.

Also, you're one of the teams that I share the most riders with, and we're both one of the 9 teams with no one over 600 points, Could be an interesting mini-competition :)

Edit - forgot this race was starting tomorrow.

Saudi Tour

Van Uden - up against Groenewegen, Ackermann, Kanter and most interestingly for this game, Milan.

Waerenskjold - presumably just there as support for Fredheim?
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For next week

Saudi Tour:
Cees Bol
Casper Van Uden
There are some good sprinters here, but hoping for a few points from these guys.

GLOAG Thomas
As a climbers race, i dont expect much here.

Etoile de Bessèges:
CARR Simon
TURNER Benjamin
This is where i find out if Carr and Turner are going to take the next step as I had hoped.
About half my team has scored points so far, but not anyone that has scored a lot of points. Slow and steady will be the mantra for my team, I guess. Dont think I will have many "big-weeks", but a steady stream of points instead.

More races starting next week!

Saudi Tour
MILAN Jonathan

They should both be up there in the sprints and fight for some stage-wins.

Etoile de Bessèges

It is a pretty fun race where different type of riders can fight for the overall win. I have three riders that could potentially score points here.

Volta a la Comunitat Valenciana
GLOAG Thomas

Startlist not completed, so maybe someone else could still be added. Maybe some points for a stage or something is possible. I will take what I can get here.
Ahh, still have to wait until my top guys will start to score. Also Ayuso's start in Valencia is cancelled..

Edit: But therefore Carlos Rodriguez will start! I can live with that!
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Someone made a comment in another thread that Piccolo was extra motivated to save his career in 2022 but now when his future is secure for the time being, they don't expect him to do that well. Not gonna lie,, it has seeded some doubt in me.
I don't know Piccolo personally but I've heard him speak a number of times and this would surprise me a lot.
He's an incredibly ambitious kid, the rare young Italian who's not afraid to say he wants to win the biggest cycling races in the world (and believes he's capable of doing so). He's also someone who never gets overweight, doesn't consider pro cycling a sacrifice, can train alone for months and still be in good shape.

Everything can happen of course, but he doesn't strike me as a possible "one year wonder".
After an underwhelming week, I'm hoping my lads can get their finger out now.

Tullett, Tarling and Leonard. Can Ineos set Tarling up for a surprise GC win? Probably not, but one can hope.
Watson, Padun and Piccolo. Maybe bits and pieces there unless the latter starts playing a tune.

So far just Wright, Kammna and Hessman in Valencia.