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The Amazing Race to Most Top10 Without a Win - 2016 Edition

Mar 27, 2012
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I liked this thread last year, so I'm starting a new one for this year. Same rules as last year: All races of category .1 or higher count, plus national and continental championships.

It's still very early days, but at the moment we have two leaders.

3 - A. Fonseca, T. Okbamariam
2 - M. Clark, J. Cooper, J. Oram, D. Smith, Y. Gene, Y Hutarovich, E. Afewerki, A. Delaplace, B. Jarrier, A. Richeze, P. Sagan
Nice, I had already been thinking of starting a new one when there weren't any results yet! I think Hutarovitch will get to at least 10 top 10s before he wins something, while most of the others in this list will either never top10 after Tropicale (Jarrier and Okbamariam for example, but I hope they prove me wrong), or probably win something somewhere (Smith, Oram, Sagan).
Haas, Battaglin, and Nizzolo all have two top tens right now. they all seem like guys who can win this!

Dayer Quintana is also at two, unless we count the TTT.

Delaplace now has 3 toptens at the Torpicale

The very clear leader right now is Okubamariam with four toptens!
Feb 25, 2015
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Here is last year's thread: http://forum.cyclingnews.com/viewtopic.php?f=6&t=27656

Last year's results:

24/25 - A. Kulyk
22 - R. Kreder, M. Marcato
21 - R. Guldhammer, T. Benoot
19 - B. Planckaert, T. Van Asbroeck
18 - E. Grosu
17 - A. Tsatevich
16 - S. Kruijswijk, J. Roelandts, F. Mancebo
15 - J. Fuglsang, A. Demoitie, R. Torres, M. Van Staeyen, S. Ponzi
14 - M. Cort Nielsen, T. Machado, F. Vachon, T. Vaitkus
13 - N. Ruffoni, R. Barbier, J. Simon, R. Fernandez, J. Hivert, B. Shpilevsky
12 - D. Ratto, A. Zargari, S. Yates, D. Martin, S. Vanmarcke, M. Nieve, M. Canola
11 - D. Appollonio, D. Caruso, E. Sanz, T. Farrar, D. Smith, P. Serry, R. Gesink, M. Rubiano, T. Voeckler, T. Dupont, M. Mugerli, R. Selig, E. Pinto, D. Cunego, F. Pellizotti, T. Van der Sande, F. Silvestre, M. Verschoor, E. Siskevicius
10 - N. Haas, R. Janse van Rensburg, L. Bertazzo, A. Marque, J. Arredondo, N. Edet, Sy. Chavanel, A. Fonseca, S. Lagutin, G. Ciolek, K. Reza, E. Gasparotto, B. Vallee, T. Sprengers, P. Konrad, S. Rosetto, J. El Fares
9 - V. Agnoli, A. Porsev, A. Blythe, H. Alizadeh, V. Campenaerts, M. Pedersen, M. Valgren, A. Andersen, J. Brandao, H. Duyn, G. Izagirre, O. Doull, M. Kolar, A. Parrinello, D. Oss, S. Kuroeda, F. Gavazzi, A. Phelan
8 - S. Clarke, J. McCarthy, M. Scarponi, M. Elmiger, M. Frank, D. Teuns, A. Vichot, J. Mendes, R. Maikin, A. Capiot, A. Looij, E. Avila, M. Kudus, G. Visconti, A. Viola
Looking at the Tropicale results:

Okubamarian has 7 (6 stages +GC)
Delaplace has 6
Fonseca has 6
Jarrier has 5
Haddi has 4
Afewerki has 4
Gene has 3
Nauleau has 2
Uwizeye has 2

And lots of guys have 1


Nizzolo 3
Renshaw 2
Blythe 2
Swift 3 (I really think he's a good contender)
Kump 2 (so is he)
Howard 2
Wippert 2
Pozzovivo 3
Sergio Henao 4
Woods 3
Ruben Fernandez 3
Valls 3
Morabito 2
Bevin doesn't compete in this anymore
Ulissi 2
Battaglin 2

I can't be bothered to do San Luis right now

RedheadDane said:
Did Bevin ever participate in this? Didn't he win his national championship before it got started?
I'm hoping for Okubamariam. Not very likely, I know, but he's got a seriously cool name.

Yeah, I really hope he gets picked up by some small team like Bike Aid halfway down the season so he can get some more chances in 2.1 races. I fear, however, that he will completely blow away the competition at the Tour of Rwanda and lose this race :(
Mar 27, 2012
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Current standings:

7 - T. Okbamariam
6 - A. Delaplace, A. Fonseca
5 - B. Jarrier
4 - E. Afewerki, S. Haddi, Ser. Henao
3 - Y. Gene, J. Acevedo, R. Fernandez, I. Koshevoy, R. Majka, G. Nizzolo, D. Pozzovivo, N. Quintana, A. Richeze, P. Sagan, B. Swift, M. Teshome, R. Valls, R. Villalobos, E. Viviani, M. Woods
2 - 26 riders
1 - 78 riders

Brullnux said:
Oliveira I think will do quite well. He is a very good rider but not quite at the level yet of winning. Maybe the Poruguese ITT NC is a possibility.
Nah he isn't a match for some 3rd tier sprinters that are constantly up there without really threatening to win.

Still, I'm looking forward to see him shine in the Classics again, it would be amazing if he could pull off a top10 somewhere in Belgium :)