Teams & Riders The Amazing Race to Most Top10 Without a Win

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The only races that were anounced are the nationals and the Olympics.

He should be able to win the national ITT, but I don't know if it counts for this magnificent competition.

As I understand it in this instance it does count as a win should he likely win the Home ITT.

Obviously he's not taking this competition as seriously as we thought. OK Just kidding about him even knowing of this Very Important Contest!
I wonder how it would look like if we did it not from season to season, but for all top10's throughout the entire career. I do not volunteer to count it, though. :p

I guess Craddock and Almeida both going out within 24h would be big for this.
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There's still a chance - isn't there some minor race somewhere in France that Coquard can win...? Actually, I just looked it up, he won that stage against van der Poel in the Arctic Race of Norway in 19, I had forgotten about that!! That guy is in serious danger of winning something!! And Aniolkowski will surely win a stage of the Tour de Pologne? :innocent:
The biggest problem will be Coquard getting all those top10s in the Tour, but... imagine him winning stage 1 :yum::hearteyecat:
Or maybe his girlfriend will have a baby and he needs to come home... or maybe Hodeg is flirting with his wife and he needs to come home (no idea about Coquard's private life)... or his sister celebrates her bac and he needs to come home... or... France wins 7:1 against Italy and he drinks so much champagne he can't get on his bike... or... I mean - there are options.
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