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Bora rider targets for this year:

Giro: Buchmann (leader), Großschartner and Fabbro as domestiques
Tour: 14 man longlist including: Keldermann, Kämna, Konrad, Ackermann (with his sprint train), Sagan
Vuelta: Großschartner (leader)

Milan-San Remo: Sagan (Leader), Ackermann to get to know the race
Ardennes classics: Schachmann (leader)
Cobble Classics: Sagan and Politt as leaders

Based on previous informations in the media the rough plan for Kämna in 2021 seems to be:
Valencia - Catalonia - part of Ardenne classics - Dauphine - le Tour

Olympics are still on the table, but his main focus will remain on the Tour.

He will ride Catalonia probably for the overall standings as a team leader.
And he mentioned some "nice races" in between.

There are talks about freedom and stage hunting during the Tour.
But between the lines it sounds like that he could also fill out a role as a co-captain for the overall standings.
Bora is very cautious about that. The team manegement repeatedly emphasizes his talent status, which he can develop and they probably do not want to build up pressure of expectations.

Kämna himself often emphasizes that although he was able to show good results in the time trial as a junior, he would have neglected this discipline in recent years.
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Eurosport did a short video on Anton Palzer at Bora's January Lake Garda camp:

If you speak/understand german there is also a Podcast epsiode with him as a guest from Besenwagen Podcast from December. Highly recommend, he is a great guy and is very open about what he expects, his Skimo career, numbers and small tidbits from a first team get together.

He is now officialy a cyclist as his last Skimo race, the worlds, were raced last week.

No Schachmann at the Tour, he will focus on the Olympics and the Vuelta.

More interesting, Denk is not happy with Ackermann and his start at the Tour is in doubt.
Good news: new contract for Kämna.

Bad news: an infection from mid-April is persistent, so that it is very likely that Kämna will not be able to start the Tour.

Konrad and Schelling as Kelderman's strongest domestiques in the mountains during the Tour?

Without Schachmann and probably Kämna and Buchmann, their squad might look a bit weakened and they could more focus on sprints in that case.
Schelling wasn't planned to start the Tour. Without Kämna and Zwiehoff injured, they don't have anybody who could help Kelderman and Konrad in the mountains.
Last way out: They decide to bring the legend himself Toooni Palzer, who will destroy the slovenians and win the Tour!
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