The Cav SKY drama

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Aug 16, 2012
Afrank said:
Agree, With Wiggins, Froome, Henao, Uran, and others they have more than enough to challenge for each grand tour plus the smaller tours. Sky is a grand tour team, and as long as they are a grand tour team Cav will not get nearly as much opportunities to win like he would at a team like OPQS or Greenedge.
A very good summation, I agree totally.......Cav will be gone from Sky and Sky will dominate in the tours nonetheless and Cav will be successful no matter where he is!
Jul 16, 2010
woodie said:
What place were they sprinting for again??
Theyoullneverbeanolympicchampioncaveceptinyourdreamswhereyouthinkyoucouldvewonthebunchsprintifeverythingcamebacktogethertoobaditdidnt spot
Sep 18, 2010
Mr Pumpy said:
I thought Cav's wins this year were some of the most exciting of the whole tour. It was great to see him scrap for it, rather than just 'finish off' a la HTC. Lack of a dominant train for Cav definitely makes for more exciting viewing, especially up against an ascendant Greipel with better backing behind him than Cav.

In fairness to Cav (well someone has to) he was always the first to attribute his dominance to the efforts of his HTC team.

It'll be interesting to see where he goes. It would take a decent chunk of change to sign him... and most teams with a decent chunk of change have GC contenders.

Rabobank may be the obvious team (they can't surely still be hoping for a Gesink GC win?).
avanti said:
Perhaps Cav will have to stay with Sky:
(1) Two years remaining on his Sky contract
(2) release fee up to $ million pounds
(3) His current salary estimated at 2 million pounds per year

What team can offer that money at this time?

Cav should hire a better manager/negotiator/contract-writer next time.
OPQS, Atstana, BMC and Katusha.

However, as been pointed out, BMC chucked a load of money at Gilbert & Thor and they have one win between them so I would think BMC would first like to see some returns for their cash first.

Astana are gearing up for GC with the signing of Nibbles, but they ride Spech which Cav likes

For me he will end up at OPQS, Brian Holm is there and so is Tony Martin.

For whatever reason Cav joined sky (I dont think it was purly down to cash) he must have thought it was going to work, but the GC & Points thing was going to be hard to pull off.
Aug 13, 2010
El Pistolero said:
Theyoullneverbeanolympicchampioncaveceptinyourdreamswhereyouthinkyoucouldvewonthebunchsprintifeverythingcamebacktogethertoobaditdidnt spot
Yep. I guess he'll just have to make do with being the most success sprinter in Tour history.