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the doper's returns

Jul 20, 2009
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For a long time I could never grasp how these top men in cycling could risk getting busted doping but now I'm beginning to realize it...2 years is nothing and it basically heighten the popularity of certain riders. It's almost like the outlaws of cycling! "Once knew a man who won 4 mountain stages in a grand tour, til the law got em"

It's jesse james in lycra!

Who doesn't think every rider whos going out for 2yrs for doping AND NOT ADMITTING TO IT isn't coming back to applause a hugs in the peloton!?

All those riders who ripped off stages and wins from somebody (who probably came in 3rd or 4th clean) sign on to lower profile teams and slowly regain their fame. Vino is the most appauling! Astana is mine? Astana belongs to its sponsors which yes he did pull but then threw it all away in the 07 tour. Not saying he wasn't doing it for years with the good ole boys at telekom.

It's just funny how these criminals of cycling can be the comeback hero in a couple years...and why is floyd playing basketball? Did Deron Williams get caught doping too?

Dr. Maserati

Jun 19, 2009
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This is a big part of the sport right now.

A 2 year suspension is too short imo - an Pro can have a career for at least 10 years - that means they can have a lucrative career for a long time.

Also another point in the doping debate is that the rider very rarely has to hand back any of the prize money except from the race they were caught in.
A sanction never requires a rider to hand back appearance fee's or other sources of income like endorsements.

A four year ban with the possibility of a reduction on supplying information that gets others sanctioned would be a lot better deterrent than what is in place now.

LPR has said they are going to sue Di Luca for harming the teams image - I will believe it when I see it!
Mar 13, 2009
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I suggest the amputation of a leg for any convicted doper. Pretty sure that'll deter 99% of the peloton.

* Just Kidding of course!!
Hugh Januss said:
That would be very interesting. What if they did take him to court and he was able to show that the team not only knew what he was doing, but were involved. Could that be the beginning of the end?

they got huge props during the giro, and the tifosi know whats up anyway. it was a great race to watch, because of Di luca. i'm not saying you should do what he did, but the race was cool. lpr, those guys, who knows. maybe, maybe not. he is fired now.:cool:
Jul 16, 2009
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life bans all the way for unrepentant dopers AND their team doctors.

first timers riders who admit guilt- 4 year ban. ban to be spent working for the good of cycling- coaching- washing my kit etc
Apr 8, 2009
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dude face it.

jan ullrich and vino are possibly the coolest personalities in cycling history

without the cool bad guys in the sport it gets boring


tho i rekon david millar is a complete loser ;)

its like 'damn i got caught cheating.. media is comming... i know.. "Yeah i cheated. cheating is bad. im gonna campaign against it. I know, i know, im the new saint of cycling, yeap thts me" ' {the david millar lameass approach}


"f*ck man the cops found my stash of blood bags. what ricco got caught for CERA too? ahhh man the media is here "Hey we r innocent. you got nothing on us. NOTHING! i ant sellin noone out! ill be back! yeah 2 years im gonna kick all your asses beginning with you and you" " {badass cycling approach}
Dr. Maserati said:
LPR has said they are going to sue Di Luca for harming the teams image - I will believe it when I see it!
I'd be surprise if they do it. The teams play the game too. They always act surprised and make threats about lawsuits that never materialize. The Champion of Lawsuit threats must be the Quick Step DS, Patrick Lefevere.