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Teams & Riders The Great Big Cycling Transfers, Extensions, and Rumours Thread

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Tbf, that Jumbo team likely replaces Jansen with Kruijswijk which is a massive improvement for the mountains. Never mind that Bennett was suffering with injuries and Dumoulin is still not back to his best. That team gets massively stronger when all on form. Course, Roglic will be the determining point, more strength for the team this year wouldn't really have mattered unless Kruijswijk or Dumoulin are also strong enough to play the team card.

UAEs team should still be strong enough though, you can't compete with Jumbos full team no matter what they do. We're I'd be worried with their team is if they have to defend the jersey, they don't have the flat land bodies imo. Going upwards, Majka and De La Cruz in particular are big helps, and McNulty and Formolo can also be. Trentin and Kristoff are probably their best flat land guys but I don't really think they have the same legs as Martin/Gesink/WVA or Rowe and Dennis/Ganna will be.

Right! But with Ayuso Uae have one of the best talents in his team the next 5 years to. He can win sprints. Punch, Very good ITT rider and fantastic clilmber. This rider is gold. If Ardila make great steps. They have Ardila, Pogacar, Ayuso and Mcnulty for future.
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