The Lockdown Thread

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So, we will be back to a "full lockdown", even though everybody here has a different understanding of that word. I'm annoyed. I'm more than annoyed, I'm angry. All of it just makes me :mad:. So the responsible administration still works with fax machines, in the year 2020, and despite everyone saying how outdated that was in spring nothing has really changed since then.
I can keep my son at home next week if I want to, but he still has to write an exam at school on thursday, so just in case that actually happens I'm admonishing him to learn for it. But maybe the schools will be closed by then. Everyone said there would be ten people allowed to gather at Christmas, so I booked a train to travel to my family, but now it looks like they are taking that rule back. In fact they already have, at the places where my brother, my sister and I live - all different states - but not where my parents live. Different rules in each state, like families only live in one. It's two households now in most places. My parents say, don't worry, of course you'll come. My son's father and his parents want to see my son. I certainly can't tell my sister who loves a traditional Christmas dearly that I will travel to my parents, hence she won't. I can't tell my son we'll stay here, just the two of us, while it would be allowed to meet with ONE other household. Which one to choose? And how to plan if you don't even know what the rules will be like and for how long?
Shall I buy a Christmas tree, just in case we stay here? Shall I wash and pack all the clothes we need if we are gone for three weeks? No clue when the schools will open again. Will the shops close from monday on, on tuesday or not before Christmas?
Damn it, just damn it, all of it. And don't ever make me hear the words lockdown or Christmas again.