The offical Joe Papp Road Race thread


Apr 28, 2010
This is a personal action in which I only represent myself
Since they have not giving any indication as to why this thread is under review, why it has been deleted or whatever. Here I go again, since it is important that this is out there and that is is important that it is in the RR forum and in the clinic:

Since the truth is out about that lying cheating son of a ***** Joe Papp and RR, it appears that I can come clean as to why I quit as a moderator/administrator over here. I have not been on here often and I have not posted on here for quite a while, but this new situation ensured that I felt compelled to post on here.

Please be clear, that I still don't know RR his true identity, nor do I care all that much about that

This issue happened quite a while back, so excuse me if I am not completely clear on the details anymore.

A while back it came to the attention of the CN staff that Joe Papp used a false method to get to know the identity of RR. He did so in order to get this information to LA and associates who had offered him money, or some manner of help in getting a lighter sentence for his doping related offences. My opinion in this case was that Joe Papp needed to be banned immediately and there needed to be some sort of insurance that such a situation would not occur again. I kept going after the real staff of the website in order to know where they would stand and what they would do. This answer did not come for several weeks, I found this so appalling and such a lack of respect for the owners/staff of the actual website towards the volunteer staff and the members of this forum that I issued an ultimatum, either the staff would give some sort of answer towards, at least, the staff or I was off the moderating team. Clearly they did not care.

Frankly I was not the only member of the moderation team that had issues with this decision, but I was the only person who was impulsive enough at the time to hang it up (others stayed around hoping to change stuff for the better, but later found out they were unable to do so)

RR himself did not want Joe Papp banned or that this knowledge would become widely available, due to the situation in which Papp found himself at that point in time. Still my opinion was that as soon as this knowledge was available to the staff that measures needed to be taken against Papp, even before speaking to RR.
After having consulted with RR the staff decided to do nothing and leave everything as is, without any guidance for what to do in the future. And frankly without any consultation of the people who ran the forum for them day in and day out. They did not seem to care about the privacy and the security of their members.

This is pretty much the cliff notes version of why I quit. I will keep up with this thread and answer any questions that might arise from this. But I think I will still be done with this forum entirely outside of this topic

ANother important aspect is the fact that there has been inactivity from the CN news staff, lack of communication that ensured a lot of friction between quite a few volunteer mods and staff

And I know quite certain that certain of the mods pleaded for something to be posted, some sort of announcement that people needed to ensure that they did not give out their private information, espeially considering this situation and the situation with the fake Floyd Landis situation, but if I am correct we were shot down due to the fact that this needed to remain closed and not be made public.

RR reply:
Looks like the fixed the log in issue, something about a confirmation email that I did not receive

I do not have much time or energy to dwell on this as I am sitting in a cab driving into Chicago.

Yes, Papp reached out to me a few years back via PM's on this forum. He said he desperately needed my help. After a bunch of PM's we switched to emails. He would not tell me why he needed my help, just that he needed it badly. He said he not confide in me unless he knew my name, which I would not tell him.

Then, likely during a jeglagged haze, I accidently responded to him on my mobile using my personal email that had my name. Never heard from him again.

A few days later I heard from a few people he had sold my info to Herman. I then heard it from more people.....People I trust

I told the mods here about it but asked that nothing be done as I did not want to interfere with Joe's sentencing, the other investigation, or draw attention to it. I said we could revisit it when all that stuff was over

When "all that stuff was over" I asked that it be addressed. I heard nothing. I pushed again. Heard nothing. I finally reach out to Dan and he said he was not going to do anything and it was not open for discussion.

It is disturbing that someone could use the forum to do something like this. I never would have engaged with Joe if he had not sent me a PM here. Simple as that.
It appears out of the thread that perhaps others have fallen victim to this as well, or that Papp at least tried to get the real personal information of several people

More perhaps coming alter when I can get some of the old thread back through some means
Mar 31, 2009
Censoring ?

I saw you had posted this slightly earlier today and was surprised by the content. The skepticist in me decided to wait on reading the answers before believing this has really happened.

However, the fact that that thread appears to have been deleted, so you had to start a new thread must mean it is true and that CN cowardly covers it up rather than explains their view.

How long ago was this?