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Dr. Maserati

Jun 19, 2009
Tomorrow (Friday Oct 26) has the potential to change the course of cycling.

The UCI Management Committee meet up while cycling is (yet again) on a rough ride.
It is 22 years since that first jolt in the road was called by Kimmage - 22 years later we are still being lead down that path, by the same people.
Pat McQuaid was put in to the Presidents position by Verbruggen - while Pat may feel all cyclings problems were during Heinricus's reign I haven't forgotten what Pat said about the sport..... in early 2000:

"Cycling has done more lately than any other sport to clean up its act, and I am convinced that over the next year or two it will become one of the cleanest out there
4 year bans? Pat has mentioned that since 2010 and still no-one punished.
Truth and Reconciliation? Amnesty's?
This has not been the first time it has been brought up - here is an article from May 2007, where Pat mentions it
There may even be an official channel to do so. “The UCI would be saying that everybody should consider what is going on here, to take note of that environment which is being created by the Germans and the Danes to try and create a fresh start for the sport. This is something that we will look at in the coming days. All of this has happened very quickly, but we will look at perhaps putting something concrete in place to assist the riders who want to get some things off their chest.

It is not an amnesty as such, but perhaps we will form a commission who would hear the riders and which could deal with it.”
That whole article is Pats last stand.
He welcomes people like Riis & Zabel coming forward. Speaks about cleaning up the sport. But that's all it is, talk.

Now we get PR guff and lawyers sitting in on news conferences where you have the audacity to mention "transparency".
The UCI are quick to roll out the Biological Passport as the new tool in cycling - thats just a drug test by Committee, your bloody committee.
The only tool the UCI have used to effect is to sue people who question them. Defamation my ar*e.

So, what happened? What changed?

Here is Mike Ashendens explanation - The Armstrong Triangle, a well researched piece that tries to get to the bottom of the infamous donations.
When someone as well respected as Ashenden cannot get to the bottom of it then it is obviously a complex state.

Who is at fault?
Let's be clear - the Management Committee are just as culpable as the President (x2) for this mess - so you are going to have to take a big bite out of the doo sandwich you made.
There was little meaningful attempts to show, when, why and how much was 'donated" or spent by the UCI.

You, not the sport, or even the riders - you, all of you empty suits, have made the sport a laughing stock, here is one example, seem familiar?

How do you fix this:
You may think this is a communication problem - and in part it is, every time Pat speaks publically about $5,000 is donated to the Kimmage fund - a fund paid for by ordinary members.

I know Pats up for re-election next year - sticking my political hat on, a move could be made to encourage him to step aside then ...... that could just fly, right?
wrong - alas Pat & Hein have their court date in December, and let's be clear, they will be the one's in the dock.

The only solution is to request McQuaid resign immediately, put Verbruggen in the back of a Skoda too - I realize thats get Verbruggen & McQuaid kicked out of the retirement home that is the IOC. Well tough.
The severance package is what he has done over the last few years, nothing much.

Pat, your Turkey has come home to roost ...

Here are some other ideas from... (get the defibrillator ready) Transparency International.
How to reform a sport's governing body

Step One: Instigate an independent investigation into past allegations of corruption and doping
Step Two: Review the regulations on ethical behaviour (code of ethics) and adopt best practice
Step Three: Instigate an independent review of the organisational structures
Step Four: Produce a reform implementation strategy that includes a monitoring and reporting function and strong whistleblower protection
Put in someone to lead (wow lead) the sport out of this mess - and elect a new successor at next years congress.
Don't give yak that it cannot be done - the whole point of the meeting tomorrow is to make up stuff.

I am assuming much of the meeting is done by teleconference - if anyone is having difficulty understanding what I have asked I have left a sign on the wall for you, right near the door - it will say Exit, just leave - no-one will notice.
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