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This website looks identical to BikeRadar.com

Mar 5, 2009
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The Executioner said:
Is this website owned by the same people that do BikeRadar? This website looks identical to it. Why two different forums instead of just one?

The two websites are owned by Future Publishing so we do have a consolidated approach to style and website design but beyond the logo, the carousel and the 'above-the-menu' ad layout, the two sites look different.

The two sites also have distinctively different missions (Cyclingnews is all about the high-end of the sport whereas BikeRadar is about cycling as a passion at all levels of participation) and surprisingly little cross-over in their audiences - so each having a forum allows each audience to have their own conversations about the aspects of the sport they care about.
Jul 16, 2009
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cycling news is no longer the place for breaking news
twitter rocks
and the results updates are slower than they were in the old- great site.
still has a great magazine round up- so we come back

CN was about racing and BR about tech

slowly becoming 1 site,
give it a year
Not to mention more difficult to navigate, counter-intuitive and expensive on the RAM.

Myself and anyone else I've asked casually only keep coming back hoping for change. Soon we'll give up and go elsewhere. (locally we have past junior and senior world champions, Commonwealth champions, TdF stage winners and Olympic reps in our club membership, I acknowledge I don't represent our club but I have asked folks who do have a clue about the sport)

It's been 11+ years since I've seen better results reporting by googling Junior world championships - a results sheet that goes from position 44 to 89 missing every name in between beggars belief!

I only signed up to this forum to give this feedback.

Vale cyclingnews.com