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Thor goes whinning to le judges

Jul 17, 2009
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Thor grow up! If you cant hack the sprints then sit up and enjoy the scenery.
Crying to the judges like some spoilt clubman riding a club handicap is childess. I am sure the men of the fyords are in shame.
If you are going to wear a green jersey you have to tough it out and win with honour not by whinning. As Steve Martin said " Nobody likes a Whinner". Sprinting isnt swimming in your personal lane or bowling down your own alley it is a dynamic fast free for all.
The UCI need a wake up call to, that judge is a plonker.:(
Mar 11, 2009
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Watching the overhead tv coverage it is obivious that Thor had "nowt to gurn" about only his bad positioning.
Green jersey tainted yellow by soft sprinter no less. Tears of Thunder


Quicksilver said:
Whinning is catching on then.
Bossy or what!:D

i believe the inclusion of the word please in the sentance prevented it from being a direct order ;)

and its whining not whinning :p